Ballerina Silhouette Craft

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There are so many fun ways you can craft with these ballerina silhouettes! We used coffee filters to decorate the ballerina’s tutus but you can use cupcake liners, craft tulle or even tissue paper. You can frame the art and place it up in a nursery or kids room or just have fun making it!

Before you start: Download the ballerina silhouette template here:

ballerina silhouette template

Let's Get Started!

1. First, print off the ballerina silhouette templates on your white cardstock. 

2. Once you have your print-outs, apply a light color wash to your paper and then let this dry. You can use watercolors or regular paint diluted with water.

3. While your paper is drying, you can decorate your coffee filters with watercolors or markers and a spray bottle! Lay out some wax paper to protect your surface for this step. Apply two different color watercolors to each coffee filter. You can paint with brushes or use droppers to drop the colors on the coffee filters. If you are using markers, color the coffee filters however you like, then spray with water!

Coffee Filter Ballerina

4. Your coffee filters will need to dry overnight. Let them dry on a paper towel over your wax paper.

5. Once dry, fold over until you get a triangle shape. Then cut off the tip to match the size of where you are going to place the ballerina’s tutu.

Ballerina Craft for Kids

6. Get another coffee filter and make it the same size.

Coffee Filter Ballerina Craft

7. Now glue the coffee filters to your paper and you’re done! We left the top coffee filter flat but you can also flare this a little bit to create a more ruffled look.

Coffee Filter Ballerina Silhouette Craft

 Have fun and keep twirling!

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