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Our Story

"Tutus aren’t going to change the world, the little girls who wear them will.”

Marais Sky {ma-ray sky} is a designer baby and girls brand founded in 2019 by Sepi Danosian Bahadori. Named after her daughters Valentina Marais + Juliette Sky, the brand is also inspired by the Marais, the historic art and fashion district in Paris.

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Sepi was strongly influenced by her parents' art and music backgrounds. Her collections are inspired by some of her favorite works of art growing up, such as the dreamy ballet costumes from the cherished classic "The Nutcracker" and Edgar Degas' ballet dancers. Although she does not have a formal fashion background, her degree in Civil and Structural Engineering coupled with her love of classic art and couture has given her a keen eye and understanding for structure and composition.

Designed in California, each Marais Sky piece sparkles with delicate femininity. The Marais Sky girl is a dreamer with an artistic edge; a star who can be anything she wants to be. And whether she is dressed up in her tulle dress or funky bell bottoms... a star is a star is a star.