How to Make a Handprint Tutu

Today my girls and I tried a cute handprint craft we found on Pinterest. It was fun and the girls loved "designing" their own dresses! The original one (below) kept it simple and classic (pretty to be framed as a keepsake) but my girls wanted to go crazy designing. Which one will you try? 

cute handprint craft

What you need:

  • A piece of paper (11x14 or larger depending on how big their hands are 
  • Bodice template, link: . You can print this, cut it out and glue to your bigger paper. Or draw your own bodice however you like with a sharpie!
  • Paint
  • Your child's cute little hand
  • Any embellishments you have laying around (i.e. glitter, ribbon, rhinestones..)

As you can see, my girls went a little crazy with the handprints lol... I used a sponge brush to apply paint to one of their hands and off they went! 


If you want to keep it simpler, just three upside down handprints should be sufficient. 

upside down handprints

Then the designing begins!

designing handprints 

They used glue, glitter, scrap flowers, rhinestones... and VOILA!

glittery rhinestones handprint

In the end, no matter which style you try, you'll have a fun piece of art that captures their little handprints and their personalities <3

Have fun and until next time... Happy twirling!


  • zahra

    My kids would go crazy designing too haha

  • michelle

    so creative! gotta try this

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