How to Celebrate a Birthday During Social Distancing


Is your child’s birthday approaching? We’re all home practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic and wondering how we’re going to celebrate our kids’ birthdays while quarantined. Kids are being faced with such a confusing time for them right now and it’s especially important to focus on their special day.
Whether it's just with your household or a virtual party with their friends, we've come up with some fun ideas that will make for an unforgettable celebration...
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Quarantine Celebration Ideas

Whether it’s just your household or their friends included!
Family Celebration:
  • Have everyone in your house get dressed up in their fanciest clothes for a home-cooked birthday dinner
  • No matter their age, let your kids pick the menu. It is one meal, really, a little junk food isn’t going to hurt anyone. Let them help you prepare the meal... and dessert, of course!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt to find birthday gifts around the house
  • Decorate their room with balloons and streamer 
  • Do a mini photoshoot! There are plenty of photo editing apps that can turn a simple iPhone photo in a magical image!
Virtual Celebration with Friends:
In this time of isolation, it’s even more important than ever that we celebrate together. But how do we do it? We can do it virtually!
  • Host a virtual party! You can use Zoom (up to 100 guests), Google Hangout (up to 10 guests) or Facetime (up to 32 guests), among others. You can even record the session to save as a memory!
  • Send online invites or make homemade ones you can send via mail.
  • Ship each guest party supplies beforehand. Depending on how much preparation you want to do before the party, you can ship each guest a party in a box with basic decorations, or even a cupcake in a jar for singing “Happy Birthday.” 
  • Give your party a theme and ask your guests to participate. You can ask your online guests to dress in costume or create something related to the theme (a song, a dance, etc.). You can even give out awards for different categories (best costume, funniest dance, best joke, etc.).
  • Plan a final celebratory moment. It's always fun for your party to end with a bang, so think about an epic ending. That could be bringing out a cake, everyone dimming their lights at home, and singing "Happy Birthday.” Leave your guests with a final memory!
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No matter how you choose to celebrate, use this time as a break and have some fun with the people you love! If we're going to get through this, we need to find reasons to celebrate together!
How are you making celebrations special these days?
Would love to hear your ideas!
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  • Mary M

    Love the idea about the party in a box :D

  • Krystin Rogers

    Great suggestions. Dressing up is a must! It can still be fun, even when you are stuck at home

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