In Praise of TULLE!

In this post we want to touch on the history and character of one of our favorite fabrics – TULLE.

The name Tulle comes from the city of Tulle located in the southern central region of France. The city of Tulle was well known as the center of lace and silk production in the 18th century with the early tulle netting originating in this French city. In the early days, tulle was used primarily for ballet costumes, with it later being used as underskirts or petticoats to create a stiff belled shape. As time went on, tulle became more of a fashion fabric, commonly used as an accent, to create a lacy, floating look, as well as for veils. 

Tulle is a type of lightweight, very fine fabric with its defining characteristic being its stiff netting. It is most often composed of fibers like silk, nylon, polyester and rayon. While polyester is the most common fiber used commercially for tulle, polyester tulle is not generally found in dyed colors. Nylon, being a more premium fiber, is generally softer to the touch and takes dyes better than polyester, or even silk and rayon. Additionally, nylon tulle is not flammable like polyester. At Marais Sky, we used the finest tulle available not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety and comfort. Browse our selection to Tulle Dresses, Tulle Skirts, Tulle Bell Bottoms, or even Biker Jackets trimmed with Tulle.


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    Wow, I learned so much. Loved this new blog. I love tulle!

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