Mother's Day DIY Tiaras

A fun Mother's Day craft perfect for the Queen and her little prince/princesses.
Five-minute tiaras/crowns made with metallic pipe cleaners. 
crowns made with metallic pipe cleaners
The pipe cleaners (linked below) come in different metallic colors and can be made as simple or as intricate as you like. Leave them plain or add metallic beads or pom poms for an extra special touch!
Here are the steps to making them, then scroll down for some different design inspirations (with an extra special one for you, Mom, at the very bottom!)
To start off, you'll need:
gold and silver pipe cleaners
Start by making the base fitted to you or your child's head. I found that I needed two 12" pipe cleaners for the base.
pipe cleaner crown
Next for the hearts around the tiara: Take one pipe cleaner and make a fish shape.
fish shape pipe cleaner
Then press down in the middle with your finger to make the heart shape. You can also use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to mold the pipe cleaner around the cookie cutter then slide it off. Remember to leave some extra pipe cleaner at the bottom so you can wrap it around the base of the tiara.
heart shape pipe cleaner
Finally tie the heart onto the base using the two fish "tails" of the heart you just created.. 
silver heart and crown
Add as many hearts are you like around the base... and VOILA!
gold hearts and crown
TIP: You can make so many other shapes with cookie cutters, such as stars!
star cookie cutter stencilcookie cutter stencil
And here are some other pretty tiara designs you can try... Add jewels and pom poms with a glue gun for some sparkle!
Or add beads to the pipe cleaners before you shape and attach them!
another princess
And don't forget your little prince!
pipe cleaner craft
Last but certainly not least... an extra special one for MOM <3
mom crown
Wishing all of you the best Mother's Day filled with hugs and kisses from the ones you love most. 


  • Maryam

    Happy Mother’s Day :)

  • Sarah90

    So cute. The stars perfect for wands!

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